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About Us

Sport Arco & Frecce Srl - Italy
Founded in 1987
VAT number IT 01706700125

Arco & Frecce Super Store
Viale De Gasperi 117, Hamlet: Mazzo
20017 Rho (Milan) - Italy.

Phone number: +39.02.9370.030  extension 8 for English

Fax Number: +39.02.93909055


GPS coordinates: 45° 31' 42" N - 9° 5' 15" E

Opening hours: 09:45 - 13:00 e 14:00 - 19:00. Closed on Mondays and Public Holidays.

You can pay by Cashcards or Credit cards.
We also offer a finance service through Findomestic or Compass.
Wide parking lot.
Archery Shooting Line.
Highly qualified staff
Repair and assistance services.
Bow tuning and customizations.

Arco & Frecce was established in 1987 in Sumirago (Varese) by the fondness of Diolaiti Giulio, who has been an archer since 1972.
Arco & Frecce began as a small manufacturing company of archery accessories (afterward featured by the Best brand), but it soon started opening his first retail shop: it was pretty small at first but it grew bigger and bigger year after year.
Importing directly from manufacturers all over the world, Arco & Frecce increased his range of products and the prices became the most competitive on the market: the shop started becoming a real point of reference for the archers all over Italy.
As the demand for the products was very lively, also by mail orders, in 1989 the first color illustrated catalogue was printed.
Sport Arco & Frecce also became a wholesaler and in 1995 landed on WWW: the first Archery trade web site has finally been born in Italy!

At the end of 1997 the historical base located in Sumirago was not able to stand the large range of products that was become bigger and bigger, so Sport Arco & Frecce made a "Huge Step": it opened a big store in Pero, closed to Milan. Thanks to the change of location, Diolaiti Flavio, son of the founder and hugely fond of Air soft game, introduced a new business division exclusively dedicated to air soft rifles, pistols and tactical garment.
All over these years, Flavio has personally took care of the air soft department, which by the way has been widened many many times and the range of products went on to become really huge.

In 2004, going along with the passion of his co-workers, a new department dedicated to RC models has been introduced.

In 2007 Sport Arco & Frecce had to move again as the range of products was so big and the place was not enough: the store moved to Rho (industrial zone also closed to Milan) where is now located. 
An area of 1000 square meters, equipped with an extended shooting line and full services for each department.

In 2008 an Armoury sector has been introduced, typically focused on Dynamic and defence pistol shooting and Ammo reloading. The large range of military equipment and garment completed the wide set dedicated to the Law Enforcement.

You can also pick up the product you have ordered c/o the old head office in Sumirago (Varese), via L. Rossi 33:  It's just enough to place your order a day in advance to Arco & Frecce Super Store in Rho (02/9370.030).

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Arcieria Arcieria
Arcieria Linea tiro
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Abbigliamento Soft air
Soft air Soft air
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Modellismo Modellismo
Modellismo Modellismo
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